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Chemtec CHEM-PU (Anti-Scratch PU Top Coat)

Available in:

  • CHEM-PU Matte – 3 gallon
  • CHEM-PU Gloss – 3 gallon
  • CHEM-PU Satin – 3 gallon

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CHEM PU GLOSS is a two-component solvent aliphatic polyurethane coating, offering exceptional protective benefits as a protective layer for epoxy flooring systems. When CHEM PU GLOSS is mixed with the hardener (Part B), this formulation can be applied to a newly applied epoxy floor. The coating will dry within 4 hours and will provide UV resistance, scratch resistance, and a glossy finish.

The coating is applied as the top protective layer for epoxy flooring systems. It will be dry to the touch after 4 hours, but light traffic can be expected after 24 hours of drying. This could be influenced by the thickness of the coating and the ambient temperature. The optimal properties will be obtained after 7 days of drying. To maximize adhesion on the epoxy coatings, the CHEM PU™ GLOSS must be applied less than 24 hours after the epoxy coating is applied. Etching the surface of the epoxy can help beyond 24 hours, but it is not preferable.

FB Product Number

COAT40046 CHEM-PU Matte – 3 gal
COAT40047 CHEM-PU Gloss – 3 gal
COAT40048 CHEM-PU Satin – 3 gal