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TANK-1500 Remote Control Floor Grinder 480Volts 18.5kW 3 Phase – 8 Heads

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Tank1500 large areas concrete floor grinder

The Tank 1500 is a remote-controlled driving grinding machine with a grinding width of 1550mm, which is very suitable for concrete ground grinding in various situations and projects of various sizes. The Tank1500 supports one-key lifting and is equipped with two 18.5KW well-known brand Inovance motors. The Tank 1500 has super cutting power, easy control, small turning radius, and super grinding pressure. Looking at its grinding width, you can know that it can grind a large area in a short time, which can save you a lot of time.

marble floor polishing

Technical Parameters

Model tank1500
Length 2920mm
Width 1600mm
Height 1580mm
Weight 2100mm
Motor Power 18.5kw*2
Voltage 380V
Frequency 50-60HZ
Grinding pressure 980kg
Rotating speed 450-1500rpm
Grinding discs 278*8mm
Grinding width 1550mm
Water tank 25L
Water spray system Yes
Vacuum cleaner power 7.5kw
Max theoretical airflow 1000 m³/hour
Walking motor 2kw*2


Product Details

Big Area Epoxy Coating Removing Polishing Grinding

Features and Advantages

1. 1550mm large working width can grind a large area in a short time, which can save a lot of time motors, long life.

2. Equipped with exclusive seats,itting construction easy, comfortable and more efficient.

3. Equipped with remote control,highly stable remote control system; Intuitive grinding data、running status and fault information.

4. It is compact and easy to operate, with a clear and understandable control panel
5. One-key lifting, strong chipping force, easy control, small turning radius, super grinding pressure.

Product Operation Display

large floor grinder grinding machine

Additional information

Weight 2100 lbs
Dimensions 115 × 63 × 62.2 in

FB Product Number

EQ77040 TANK-1500 -480V Remote Control Floor Grinder 18.5kW 3 Phase – 8 Heads