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  • Stone Edge Surfaces - Concrete Patch and Repair(CPR) #20 Gray

    Stone Edge Surfaces – Concrete Patch and Repair(CPR) 20lbs Pail #20 Gray

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      $30.00 / Day
    <strong>Stone Edge Surfaces CPR-Concrete Patch and Repair</strong> is a just add water, high-performance, multi-use, 15 to 30-minute set time, 10,000 psi, no-shrink, non-cracking, easy to use concrete patch and repair material used for general and structural concrete repair from feathered edge to 6” thick. CPR is a polymerized Hydraulic & Portland cement concrete mix that can be troweled horizontally, vertically or overhead, has superior bonding strength, and does NOT require a primer before application or “water curing” after application! CPR-Concrete Patch and Repair can be used in industrial, commercial and residential grouting, concrete repairing and patching, doweling and anchoring. CPR can be used as a standalone patch and repair product or as an underlayment for most overlays. CPR can be used as a scratch coat, it can be colored, ground to blend in and even polished. Note: When applying horizontally on a walking or driving surface, do not feather the edges and application depth must be a minimum of 1/4”. <strong>FB Number: JTRP6598</strong>
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