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Trainings: Onyx 27″ Burnisher JX


The 27 ″JX7P Propane Onyx Burnisher is quick, safe and reliable. This machine can burnish up to 34,000 sq ft per hour. The floating brush skirt contains dust, as does the vacuum cleaner bag add-on. The JX7P leads the market with its power and also 53% less carbon emissions. One more noteworthy attribute of this Onyx burnisher is the special LEHR gas system, which requires no modifications. The Onyx JX7P features anti-vibration isolators and a low tone noise reduction muffler. For a sure thing, the Onyx 27 ″ propane burnisher should be your first choice. This equipment comes standard with: 603cc Kawasaki Engine, LEHR Fuel System, Clutch, Emission Sensor and Vacuum System with Bags.


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