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Trainings: Scanmaskin World Series 32 Electric


The Scanmaskin 32 World Series is the largest grinding machine in the World Series line with its 32 inch (800mm) huge grinding head. The Scanmaskin 32 World Series has a totally casted device housing, providing long durability and dust-free operation. The construction of the device is designed to facilitate service as you only need to loosen three screws to access to the entire machine house. The Scanmaskin 32 World Series machine is furnished with a new tool head which subsequently gives a more efficient grinding result.


The wheels on the Scanmaskin 32 World Series are 14,5 inch (370 mm) and can be quickly disengaged for manual operation. The wheels are adjustable both front and back, permitting the operator to enhance or reduce the grinding pressure. The Scanmaskin 32 World Series is offered in a standard version as well as a radio control and smart screen version. The smart display assists throughout the grinding process by offering the operator real-time responses on tooling wear and operational speed. The radio controls permit the operator to make precise adjustments while maintaining consistent production.


Every one of these distinct advantages make the Scanmaskin 32 World Series Mill among the fastest and also most reliable grinding machines on the market, maximizing general production hours and reducing upkeep time.

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