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Trainings: NSS Wrangler 2730/3330 DB

In this Video, Shawn Weaver from Pantheon Surface Prep provides a demo of the NSS Wrangler 3330 (curved squeegee option). This floor scrubber is NSS’s biggest walk-behind scrubber. It is Ideal for sizable spaces in retail stores, hospitals/clinics, and manufacturing centers. Easy operation and sturdy construction help make this walk-behind scrubber a fantastic choice for your cleaning system.


The huge scrub deck and 30-gallon solution tank facilitate remarkable productivity with less trips to drain and refill the machine.


The Wrangler 2730/3330 walk behind scrubber’s rugged construction ensures it is ready to work when you need it. This walk-behind scrubber is built to work well on vinyl, terrazzo, or tile floors. Operated by just a couple of switches and mechanical levers, custodians can be ready to use the Wrangler 3330 walk-behind scrubber with merely a few minutes of instruction.

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