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Trainings: U.S. Saws Heavy Duty Dust Buggy


In this video, Shawn from Pantheon Surface Prep provides a demo of the U.S. Saws Dust Heavy Duty Dust Buggy. The Heavy Duty Dust Buggy is an easily transportable, very light joint cleanout mill that is ideal for interior joint cleanout applications – including concrete joint repair.


It boasts an impressive Metabo W24-230 grinder mounted in a steel body. It makes use of an up-cut saw blade rotation to clear away filler from the joint. It has changeable depth settings which provide you with an unmatched, dependable cut depth. The all-new polyurethane wheels help the Dust Buggy travel in a perfect line. With the Tiger Tooth blades, or PCD Mill, this unit will take out joint filler with ease.

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