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955LE Remote Control Floor Grinder

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Features and Advantages

  1. Intelligent remote control, millisecond response.
  2. S-type grinding greatly improves the grinding force.
  3. The equipment comes with a spray system:The spray system can quickly reduce the temperature of the abrasive to improve the grinding efficiency. Using the spray function can also reduce dust.
  4. Dual clutch design:The drive system is firmer and more suitable for rotten ground.

955LE large polishing floor grinding machine

The 955LE large polishing floor grinding machine is a sturdy and durable driving grinder with a working width of 955 mm. It is equipped with comfortable seats. The dual-clutch drive system is stronger and more suitable for rotten soil. Mainly used for the renovation and repair of old floors, large garages and warehouses.

It uses All-aluminum alloy gearbox and gear-drive planetary head reduce noise and improve surface flatness.

marble floor grinder

Technical Parameters

Model  955LE
 Working Width  955mm
 Grinding Discs  370mm*4
 Power  18.5KW
 Water Tank  39L
 Weight  750kg
 Votage  380V
Packing Size 1770*1100*1200mm

Features and Advantages

1.Millisecond response intelligent remote control.
2. S-type grinding boosts the grinding force significantly.
3. The spray system is included with the equipment:To improve grinding efficiency, the spray system may swiftly reduce the temperature of the abrasive. Dust can be reduced by using the spray feature.
4. The drive system is tougher and more suitable for poor ground thanks to the dual clutch design.


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Core Advantages

The central shaft of the planetary gearbox is a component that supports the weight of the entire grinder. The central shaft of the gearbox uses the 4-bearing support transmission technology of the national invention patent technology, which greatly extends the life of the gearbox.

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FB Product Number

EQ77026 LE 955 -480V Remote Control Floor Grinder 18.5kW 3 Phase – 4 Heads
EQ77027 LE 955 -240V Remote Control Floor Grinder 18.5kW 3 Phase – 4 Heads