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HTG-680 Manual Floor Grinder

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High Tech Grinding HTG-680-4 surface grinding polishing machine have achieved unique balance between devices power, design and tooling speed,efficiency

Technical Specifications

Motor: 7.5KW(10HP) motor
 Inverter:  Veichi7.5KW/Delta11KW
 Working width:  680mm
 Grinding disc:  230mm*4
 Motor rotating speed:  350rpm-1950rpm
 Machine net weight:  380kg(Including additional weight 20kg*2)
 Voltage:  220v/380v Three phase
 Grinding pressure:  173kg-190kg-236kg
 Water tank:  23L

Features & Advantages

1.Planetary counter rotation reduces High Tech Grinding HTG-680-4 machine’s deviating force then it helps to lower grinding strength and easy to grip machine.

2.High Tech Grinding HTG-680-4  with special and patented floating dust cover is a breakthrough of traditional abrasive dust cover.

3.Three grades disc pressure adjustment achieved to provide users with unprecedented control performance from the pre-treatment,grinding and polishing of concrete flooring to stone repairing and polishing.

Additional information

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FB Product Number

EQ77022 HTG-680 -240V Manual Floor Grinder 11kW 3 Phase – 4 Heads
EQ77023 HTG-680 -240V Manual Floor Grinder 11kW 3 Phase – 3 Heads