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Chemtec Chem Dust Metallic Colors

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-Works with All Epoxy Floor Coatings
-Enhanced your floors with limitless opportunities for a one-of-a-kind floor.
-Creates a beautiful three-dimensional appearance that gives the illusion of waves, swirls, and ripples.
-The finished appearance of the Metallic flooring system can vary from gradual,subtle changes in color to more distinctive effects. Each project is truly unique.

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COL36700 Chem Dust Bright White Metallic
COL36701 Chem Dust Flash Silver Metallic
COL36702 Chem Dust Pearl White Metallic
COL36703 Chem Dust Black Pearl Metallic
COL36704 Chem Dust Coffee Metallic
COL36705 Chem Dust Bronze Brown Metallic
COL36706 Chem Dust Light Grey Metallic
COL36707 Chem Dust Flash Cobalt Blue Metallic
COL36708 Chem Dust Magic Gold Yellow Metallic
COL36709 Chem Dust Gold Yellow Metallic
COL36710 Chem Dust Gold Metallic
COL36711 Chem Dust Peak Yellow Metallic
COL36712 Chem Dust Glitter Bronze Gold Metallic
COL36713 Chem Dust Desert Sand Metallic
COL36714 Chem Dust Grass Green Metallic
COL36715 Chem Dust Jungle Green Metallic
COL36716 Chem Dust Universal Blue Metallic
COL36717 Chem Dust Pink Blue Metallic
COL36718 Chem Dust Silk Blue Metallic
COL36719 Chem Dust Rainbow Blue Metallic
COL36720 Chem Dust Magic Blue Metallic
COL36721 Chem Dust Silver Metallic
COL36722 Chem Dust Silver Grey Metallic
COL36723 Chem Dust Satin White Grey Metallic
COL36724 Chem Dust Satin Grey Metallic
COL36725 Chem Dust Silver Black Metallic
COL36726 Chem Dust Black Grey Metallic
COL36727 Chem Dust Copper Brown Metallic
COL36728 Chem Dust Chestnut Brown Metallic
COL36729 Chem Dust Deep Brown Metallic
COL36730 Chem Dust Flash Red Metallic
COL36731 Chem Dust Deep Red Metallic