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HTG-800P Propane Grinder

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The HTG-800 P Propane is a 3 head, 31″ gear driven, planetary grinder. Suitable for polishing or surface preparation. The 800 P uses a 35 HP vapor propane engine for maximum torque and power.

Motor: 31 HP, 35 HP
Power: Vapor propane
Variable Speed: 2500 RPM
Weight: 1226 lbs.
Grinding Width: 31” / 800mm
Grinding Discs: 3 x 11″
Dimensions: (L-W-H) 58″-33″-60”
Water Tank: 20 L

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EQ77055 HTG-800 -3P Propane Grinder – 31hp
EQ77056 HTG-800 -3P Propane Grinder – 35hp