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Sealboss – 6500 Quickfix Joint Filler 5 Gallon – B Side

SealBoss ® 6500 QuickFix Applications:

  • Class 5-9 Concrete Floors, applications which receive heavy vehicle traffic, such as fork lifts or steel wheeled carts
  • To fill cracks, damaged control joints, construction joints on horizontal concrete
  • Highly flexible, allowing slab movement, yet strong enough to protect the vertical edges of concrete from spalling under heavy loading

SealBoss ® 6500 QuickFix Advantages:

  • Low Emitting Sealant/Filler
    100% Solids, VOC Free, Essentially Odorless
  • Remains Flexible, Even in Cold Temperatures
  • Return Project to Service in 60 Minutes
  • Wide Temperature Range – Cures From -29°C / ‑20°F to 54°C / 130°F
  • Reduced Moisture Sensitivity
  • Resistant to Petrochemicals
  • UV Resistant UVR
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Polyurea Joint Filler

SealBoss 6500 Polyurea Joint Filler features new generation polyurea technology resulting in unique physical properties and high temperature range and cure time benefits. SealBoss 6500 is a fast-setting, semi-rigid polyurea available in various hardnesses, designed for filling construction and control joints in industrial, commercial and residential concrete floors.

SealBoss Polyurea Joint Filler to Fill Concrete Joints, Mend Concrete Floor Cracks and Repair Surface Defects

Product Description

SealBoss ® 6500 Polyurea  Joint Filler is available in a standard and extra flexible version with lower shore hardness. SealBoss 6500 is an advanced rapid-setting, self leveling, two component, 1:1 ratio, 100% solids, flexible, polyurea polymer product.

SealBoss ® 6500 QuickFix is a high quality joint and crack filler for concrete substrates in applications that are time critical. It works well in adverse temperature conditions as the material cures in ambient temperatures from -28°C (‑20°F) to 54°C (130°F). The Tack Fee within 5 to 15 Minutes depending on temperature. This permits to reopen the jobsite to traffic just one hour after application in most conditions.

Installation Guidelines

Clean the area of debris and contaminants, such as oils, loose materials, dirt, rubber etc., to allow for good adhesion of the product. Expose clean rough concrete for best results. If using a saw to cut concrete and clean the crack, remove all the dust from the cut out area. Make sure the area is dry. All equipment, pumps and hoses must be dry. Avoid moisture contact with the mixture.

For bulk mixing, pre‑mix each component thoroughly. Proportion equal parts by volume of Component “A” and Component “B” through appropriate metered mixing equipment. Mix only the quantity that can be used within 2 minutes and do not allow mixed material to reside in static mixing head or mixer for more than 1 minute or nozzle blockage may result.

Do not add solvents. They will prevent proper cure. Not for sealing cracks and joints under hydrostatic pressure or with extreme movement. Material is a vapor barrier after cure. Minimum age of concrete must be 21‑28 days, depending on curing and drying conditions prior to applications. Exposure to sunlight (UV) may cause discoloration, however the physical properties are essentially unaffected. Product may exhibit bubbling and/or compromised adhesion in excessive concrete or ambient moisture levels. Ask your SealBoss ® technician for details. The product is for professional use.

Additional information

Weight 57 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 15 in

Product Sheet

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Safety Data Sheet - B Side

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FB Product Number

JTRP10003 SealBoss 6500 5 Gal Part B


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